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Over 100 years of service

Over 100 years of service - Hotel Seurahuone, Kokkola
In the beginning the clientele consisted mostly of travelling salesmen and upper class gentlemen. It was rare for women to visit the restaurants.

In the beginning of 1899, restaurant Orcus was opened at the basement floor of Seurahuone.The restaurant was located in the corner of Rantakatu and Torikatu. The entrance to the restaurant was from the Rantakatu side of the building. The restaurant was cave-like, dark and stuffy. The walls were made of rock and the only furniture was tables and benches, as well as barrel-seats, which were covered with leather. The restaurant was popular among the workers and sailors arriving to the city. In addition to food, also beer was served at the restaurant. Today, Corner’s Pub, well known for its live music performances, is located in these premises. The live music Thursdays are considered a concept, featuring both local bands and the country’s top artists.

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Hotel Seurahuone, Kokkola
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