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After war

After war - History - Hotel Seurahuone, Kokkola
During this time period, the hotel operations were run by Kersti Rautavaara, who had been running the hotel since 1945. At the time, the hotel was owned by the Sandbacka family. The operations had remained more or less the same since the expansion of 1943. Mokkamotti was running successfully on the bottom floor.

Mokkamotti, which had started its operations already in 1940’s, was living it’s golden days in the 1950’s. The head of the cafeteria-restaurant, Mamma Kuusiniemi , came to Mokkamotti in the beginning of 1940’s and due to her phenomenal leadership skills and precision, Mokkamotti became the most popular restaurant in town. The interior design of Mokkamotti was neat and cozy and the restaurants speciality was big sandwiches.

In addition to traditional cafeteria operations, a “coffee train”. Waiter girls were transporting coffee and sandwiches to the enterprises in the center by using bicycle as a mean of transportation.
The first two years of the 70’s were more or less the same as the previous two decades, but in 1972 Liisa Uusi-Honko became the new head of hotel operations. After renting the premises for a year, she bought the property to herself. Uusi-Honko, who was named The Iron Lady, began making radical changes which continued all the way to the end of 1980’s.

The decade in question was a true transition time for the hotel and restaurant business. Women were allowed in restaurants as equal customers to men and new trends were surfacing from Europe. Also greek, italian ja spanish restaurants were opened alongside pubs, discos and pizzerias. Uusi-Honko, known as determined and inventive, rose to the challenge and so began the next golden era of Seurahuone. Uusi-Honko began, for instance, arranging dances where the women asked the men to dance, which at that time was an unknown concept in the town. These dances were disapproved in the beginning and especially other restaurants were criticizing them. Despite being disapproved, the dances were a huge hit among the customers. Monday evening became even more popular dance evening in Seurahuone than Saturday evening.

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