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1980-present - History - Hotel Seurahuone, Kokkola
The 1980’s was characterized by specialization. The trend was to offer a narrower selection of products, which were more developed and special. Towards the end of the decade, the festive white table cloths were no longer used as much in restaurants. More à la carte restaurants, music pubs and cafeterias were opened. Also discos became more common and stiff dress codes and behavior rules became less strict.

Also Seurahuone saw some changes. In 1983 a restaurant Mamma-Liisa was opened and the old restaurant, operating since 1943 became a disco, which became very popular from the opening night onwards. The disco was open every night and it became so popular that the customers coming later had to queue to get inside. This way, a new, unknown sector of the restaurant business was born. Towards the end of the decade, the customer numbers rose due to the changes in the alcohol serving legislation. The customers no longer needed to have a seat in the restaurant, but the customers were allowed to stand and move freely inside the restaurant premises.

The beginning of the 1990’s was a difficult time both for the restaurant and accommodation business as well as other branches as well. The depression caused the customer numbers to sink, which led to bankruptcy for many companies. The alcohol policy became less strict which had an influence on the behavior of the customers and the operation of the restaurants. “Come as you are” showed and shows in the way the customers were and are dressed. In the previous years it would have been impossible to come to a restaurant wearing sneakers and sweatpants.

Seurahuone got a new owner again in 1993, when Vesa Palokari bought the premises from Uusi-Honka. No bigger operational changes were made. In 1997 the ownership was shifted again and the new owner, P.K. Juntunen began renovations for the entire hotel. The restaurant premises of the hotel were renewed and also the use was changed. More meetings rooms were built and the old ones were renovated. Also the hotel rooms were completely renovated.

At the moment, the traditions dating back to over hundred years ago can be seen everywhere in the hotel. Both the restaurant and meeting facilities have been renovated with the traditions in mind. The traditions can also be seen in the interior design of the hotel. Here and there the customers can see objects from the past.

Accordingly, Seurahuone has been offering private hospitality continuously for over hundred years.

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